Ever heard a guy say to you that you don’t need money provided you love each other? I bet you scoffed at his ideology. In which world do you pay bills with love or pay children’s tuition with love? In a world where more and more women are becoming successful, a guy’s financial stability can be a real deal breaker. This is because there will be so many issues in that relationship. So if you plan to enter a relationship with a guy who is less successful than you, these are the issues you should be prepared to deal with:

  1. He still lives at home issues

This is a big deal especially if he still lives with his parents. No woman wants a guy who after a night out sneaks them into the house because he doesn’t want to wake up his mom. A financially stable woman most likely has her own place and doesn’t have to sneak to her house. Another thing about a guy who doesn’t have his own place is that he probably lives with his buddies. Think college buddies. There really is no privacy if he lives with his buddies.

  1. Commitment issues

If a guy still has a long way to go in his career path, he is less likely to fully commit to a woman. Think about it. When you were busy trying to make it in your career didn’t you focus all your energy there? Sure, maybe you were dating but did you really have time to get into a serious relationship? If a guy doesn’t have a real career, he is not ready for real commitment. He has to prioritize his life goals. First he has to focus on his career, then marriage and maybe babies.

  1. Who wears the pants issues

Old habits are hard to break, especially the ones about men earning more money and wearing the pants in the relationship. Even in the 21st century, some men are still intimidated by women who are capable of making their own way in the world.  Unfortunately for these men, more and more woman are going to college and pursuing professional degrees.  Which means a good percentage of woman will earn more than their partners and have no problem forgoing a relationship until they can find a good man who is not intimidated by their success.

  1. Inferiority complex issues

Research shows that women who are more successful than their partners are much more likely to be abused by their partners. Let’s face it. Not many men are comfortable dating a woman who earns more than them. In fact, most of them are intimidated by successful women. In order to feel good about themselves some men take to abusing their women. They don’t have to necessarily beat them black and blue or burst their lip but they may emotionally, financially and even psychologically abuse them.

  1. Guilt issues

It’s nearly impossible to enjoy a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant without wondering if your date can afford it. You’ll be having thoughts like “maybe I shouldn’t have ordered the caviar” or “maybe we should have just gone to Kentucky Fried Chicken” or “if we eat here, will he be able to make rent this month?” The point here is, if your man isn’t making nearly as much as you are or they are broke, it puts a damper on going out when he’s treating.

  1. Laziness issues

There’s no denying that a guy who is successful, is naturally perceived to be hardworking and persistent. A guy who bums at home, even if he is smart, will still be considered lazy. Here’s the deal; a hardworking guy is a guy who applies his knowledge fully. Yes, people argue that a hardworking man comes home too tired to get on top of his woman but if a guy has a bad job, they might make a girl think they lack drive and determination.

  1. Happiness issues

Quick question…when you were in a shitty financial position, were you ever happy? Were you ever stress free? How was your self-esteem during that time? Now imagine how any guy who is in a shitty financial position feels about themselves. That’s right. They just have this negative vibe about them. They are so worried about getting their finances in order that they don’t realize their negative energy is rubbing off on you. If a guy is in a good financial position, he is generally happier and has a high self-esteem. These two are very attractive qualities in a guy.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you get into a relationship with their character. Their financial behavior is a reflection of their character. There’s a reason why financial compatibility is important but if you are sure you want to get into a relationship with a guy who is less successful than you are, you should be prepared to deal with a lot of issues.  written by: Jackline K.

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